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Commitment & Reliability


Our commitment to achieving the highest standards for renewable energy projects translates into a solid ROI for investment opportunities. Achieving successful and profitable relationships for all of our clients and partners 100% of the time is the core foundation of our company.


Domestic and International Reach


North America, Latin America and the Caribbean are aggressively advancing the agenda to mitigate the effects of climate change and are driving a major renewable energy boom. SB Energy Holdings, the first mover in this region, leads as the prominent renewable energy firm with over 500 MW in our project pipeline in this region. Incentivizing a zero carbon energy mix bolsters one of the cleanest energy matrixes and is a beacon for the global financial and energy markets.


Market Opportunities


The shift in global economic policy has brought focus to the investment opportunities for renewable energy in the worldwide marketplace. The need to meet Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), tax incentives and other economic inducements, gives renewable's a solid ROI and supports the global initiative to lower planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions with clean energy sources.

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